January 06, 2014

2 Unsuspected ways to Reduce Cellulite - Joey Atlas Review

How can we limit the damage of cellulite in the early stage?
In this series of Truth about Cellulite Program we learned that no matter what type of cellulite you have, the sooner you start to restore the functioning of the lymphatic system, the better. Remember how we agreed that cellulite is a modern phenomenon? Let's have a look of Joey Atlas at how the modern woman spends 90% of her time: she is sitting or while studying, working or resting, or lying down - during sleep. It turns out that the seated and supine position hides their cellulite traps. 

Dr. Joey is convinced that one of the reasons advanced for the development of cellulite in women lies in underwear which sleep. Although the pressure is light, because the lymph endings are so close to the skin surface, even slight pressure of elastic can prevent swelling of lymph during rest. He compares this effect with the effect of cut garden hose where the end does not run anything in the middle to form a complete tension zone.

To avoid this, it is advisable to select lingerie with lace edges and so-called seamless underwear. Good advice is to not feel it while you sleep. Doctor recommended during the day to wear underwear type string gently so as not pressed the fabric of the seat and folds the legs, where there are many lymph vessels. This means an end to the tight pants and pressure. Prevent once underwear, what about sitting? If you think the pressure on your butt and back of thighs are huge.

 To prevent stagnation of lymph in the furniture, replace your position often. Stand up straight, to talk on the phone, discuss a problem with a colleague on foot instead of sitting down, walk to the neighboring office instead email, and use the farthest bathroom to maximize your time doing in the workplace. This will enable the lymphatic system to work more efficiently. In the next parts of this series we'll tell you about the appropriate style of eating and exercise to remove cellulite, as well as the most effective home methods for its reduction.

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