January 08, 2014

Cellulite removal massage technique

Cellulite removal massage technique - start to knead the skin like dough, collecting and rolling fingers subcutaneous fat. In this case you should not feel pain. Continue massaging motion a few minutes, until slightly reddening. Finish by stroking a soothing massage.

If you want to tidy up the stomach, perform different massage movements stroking belly in a circular motion with both hands. Then grab the fingers with little skin fat layer. Do not pull back strongly and do not seek to grasp too much, so you can harm internal organs. Fingering, "lead" this part from left to right and vice versa. Then, step by step down to the lower abdomen, repeat the procedure. Move downwards several times spend knuckled hands on the belly without pressure. Finish by stroking massage. The whole procedure is done standing.

As an added effect, use funds from essential oils of orange, chamomile (1-2 drops) another stimulating component - honey. Take a couple of teaspoons of honey, apply on the problem area and proceed to massage. Session should not take more than 20-30 minutes. Then take a warm shower.

 Cupping cellulite massage is carried out using glass or cans. By the pressure difference inside and outside banks increased blood flow occurs in the tissues, reducing the appearance of cellulite. To implement canned massage does not require special training; it can be done at home.

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