January 08, 2014

Exercises for thighs and buttocks

Fruit juices make up good balance of vitamins, but a couple glasses a day is more than enough. In the morning, we need to stimulate the body, so waking up, drink a glass of warm water fasted, and breakfast was reasonable: tenderized eat oatmeal, barley, low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt drink.

A set of exercises - Exercises for thighs and buttocks can be done from any position: sitting, lying down or standing. As practice shows and most women experience the best coaches in the world, best of excess fat on the pope to help kick their feet forward, backward and to the side, as well as squats.

Need to squat with arms outstretched, heels touching the buttocks carefully. You can take a dumbbell; they will give an additional burden. If you just do not work, do not worry - gradually turn. Squat 10-15 times, do three sets. The first time you can use support, but after a week or two it should be clean and give your muscles a full load.

Kick their feet should start doing first position of "standing": hands on his belt and begin alternately waving legs - each 15-20 times. Please forward left 20 times, then forward right 20 times, then left back, right back, then to the side. Very high foot lift is not necessary, do as you comfortably. And do not rush!

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