January 06, 2014

Fight Cellulite Draining Massage

This is one of the new procedures to eliminate cellulite and body shaping
According to the Cellulite Removal Review, about 80% of women suffer cellulite and very small percentage of men. The main reasons for its formation are hormonal imbalance, hereditary predisposition and wrong, unhealthy eating.

New drainage massage, which is widely available in cosmetic centers, is one of the new procedures to eliminate cellulite and body shaping. What is different from the already familiar methods?
This is a massage that aims to break the cellulite, take it to the lymph splits and so naturally be expelled from the body. Besides the familiar vacuum massage, this is also used radio frequency - infrared light that acts in depth and melt fat cells. Combined heat penetrates deep into the skin, mobilizes fat cells and improves the secretion of collagen.
The duration of a procedure depends on how fast it will be heated to a patient's skin. Usually lasts 30 to 50 minutes, and the full course contains 12 procedures.

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