January 10, 2014

Helpful 7 food

Beans, gives strength to the body.Regulates blood sugar, which is equal to sexual health, protects the health of your eyes.Beans with water, cleaned the skin prettier face.Anti delayed.Effective in reducing gut mikroblarını.
is used as a pain reliever containing vitamin C and juniper diuretic, diaphoretic properties colds, heart problems, rheumatism and effective sexual health.Muscle pain has a good effect.According to the doctor reseptinə can be used as a tea.
Corn is rich in this vitamin.Composition B1, B5 vitamins, folic and others.elements helps to lower cholesterol.Beneficial to the digestive system and the heart.
regulates heart rhythm.Minimize the effects of stress.Sleep generating.
olive oil
olive oil benefits are countless.Renewal of cells, tissues and organs of effective aging.Accelerates brain development of children and the strengthening of bones.Nourishes the skin, protects the hair.Effective against heart and blood vessel disease.Reduces the risk of heart attack.
Apricot, will provide regular work of the brain.Repair the damaged parts of the liver.More accurate and robust bones and teeth play an important role.Yaranamasını prevents anemia by increasing the blood.Plays a positive role in the growth of the system.
the chestnuts in a food of high nutritional value of B1, B2 and C are rich in vitamins.Increases sexual potency.Remove the physical and mental fatigue.Accelerates the healing process of patients.Reduces the rate of cholesterol in the blood.Regulates blood circulation.Heir to reduce complaints.Beneficial to the liver and stomach.Diarrhea stops.
Pine resin
Pine resin, useful in cough and voice.Effective lung inflammation.Gives strength to the stomach.If the flowers are eaten roasted in oil, cut off the blood from the chest and lungs.Pine resin, surtulərsə remedial effect on wounds.
potassium, iron, vitamin A and C, which helps to cleanse the blood of that plant.Freeing the body relaxes.Intestinal worms throws.Kidney stones and infections that occurred against the best.

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