January 10, 2014

Truth About Anti-cellulite massage

"Glue" hand to the body completely, then tear off her with force. You will feel a burning sensation, tingling, skin intensively blush - a consequence of increase blood flow, just what you wanted. Continue to pat until the skin appears white matter. This is a sign that everything is correct and will be over soon. Procedure usually lasts 15 - 20 minutes. 

Follow the massage to pat until white film stops sticking to the palms. Take a warm shower; thoroughly clean the body from the remnants of honey. Soap and shower gel to use is not necessary.

Dry the body and lubricate it with nutritional or moisturizing milk (depending on skin type). You will feel even after the first treatment, how has your skin. It is soft, smooth and very gentle. Follow these procedures honey a day, seven times in the course. Repeat a course of massage is possible through a couple of months. But after the first few sessions you will notice a distinct change for the better on your body. Even already noticeable cellulite becomes much less pronounced. The skin is tightened, and the volume lost by a few centimeters.

Truth About Anti-cellulite massage - The operating principle of this type of massage is based on the effect of vacuum, which is formed when a special silicone jar mounted on the body. Suction force causes the blood flow to certain areas, namely in the problem areas, which is very important in the fight against fat. Massage acts directed destroying surplus exactly where it is needed.

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